Pascale Rothman


Pascale Rothman was raised in Paris, France, amidst an existence where those who were supposed to be her role models instead chose to teach her the pain of shame and abandonment. Thanks to a generous and loving aunt who took her in, Rothman learned the profound impact that one person could have on another’s life.

After a decade as a financial analyst in the investment-banking world, she realized that working out was one of the things that helped her through some of her hardest days. “Whether it’s losing weight, shaking off a bad relationship, or just getting in better shape, it works on many levels,” she said. “One day it dawned on me that we needed a new kind of gym; one that not only got you in shape on the outside, but on the inside, too.”

The idea for UEvolution Mind & Body Sculpting was born.

Through UEvolution, Pascale expresses her own personal evolution by empowering each member to reach a healthy synthesis of nutritious eating, maximized fitness, inner wellness, and outer awareness of the community at large. She accomplishes these goals through inclusiveness, holistic principles, the sharing of ideas and good fortunes, and by caring for others.